We recommend to draw you attention to the most popular for industrial enterprises problem – increasing of energy efficiency of production equipment operations. One method of solving this problem – is reducing its energy consumption.


The authors of the National Mining University offers several projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency of enterprises by reducing energy consumption of production equipment. The developed methods of conduction energy audit will allow to identify the need to use energy-saving technologies. The project details are provided on our innovation platform open for the technical communication and targets solution.

1. Innovative technology for hardening structural steels with using high energy density.

2. The automatic control system of switching powerful dc electrical machines (САР commutation).

3. Energy-saving technologies with using automatic control system (ACS).

4. Lift installations of new generation.

5. Heating supply system with heat pumps.

Moreover, the National Mining University has started working on energy-saving popularization within the summer school “Energocinema” for students and schoolchildren. This school has been already working during one month. The lectures, master-classes and trainings carried out there are connected with the practice of writing scripts and production video clips for popularization of energy efficiency and energy saving ideas. They are directed on development of creative thinking and team spirit.  The trainings are carried out by representatives of production enterprises, the best lecturers of the National Mining University, masters of the city higher educational establishments.