The main purpose of the open innovation platform is coordination of innovation activities in order to commercialize scientific research: open and wide searching for the partners for the development and implementation of innovative projects; organization of research and development processes by combining in general fund the research of wide application that can be used to create innovative products.

Main tasks of the open innovation platform of NTU Dnipro University of Technology:


  • Formation of virtual space, unified environment for remote exchange of information between the parties of innovation platform;
  • Constant monitoring of areas in which research in Ukraine and abroad are conducted;
  • Providing access for the companies and investors to information about innovative research of NTU Dnipro University of Technology;
  • Review of existing innovative solutions of NTU Dnipro University of Technology, analysis of them and results presentation;
  • Providing a system of mutual cooperation between NTU Dnipro University of Technology with enterprises, which are interested in implementation of innovative solutions.