The goal of open technology platform - coordination of research and development (R&D) and systematic approach to the development of the concept of competitive products in the mining sector by improvement and comprehensive utilization of technologies for mining and processing of solid minerals , achievement of effective level of profitability through the development and implementation of energy-saving technologies and equipment upgrades to increase the mineral resource base.

The main tasks of open industrial technology platform:


  • Communication and integration between interested parties such as business, production, science and education.
  • Creation of a bank of proposals and innovations related to mining and processing of solid minerals in the perspective and priority development issues.
  • Introduction of innovative technologies and organization of production in exploration of deposits, mining, processing and utilization of solid minerals in order to increase value-added cost of products.
  • Development and introduction of the modern monitoring systems of the mining, recycling and comprehensive utilization of solid minerals.
  • Reduction of energy consumption in the extraction, enrichment, processing and comprehensive utilization of solid minerals.
  • Duplication of innovative technologies for the integrated development of solid minerals, including production wastes.