Authors: Korzhyk V.M., Riabtsev І.О., Zhudra О.P., Dobrushin L.D., Lykhoshva V.P., Didyk R.P., Tkachenko Ye.А., Zavalii О.B., SavinV.V., Vakhrusheva V.S.

I has been suggested innovative technology for creation gradient composite materials using geomodifiers, mechanically activating and surface-modifying environments that have properties of reducing friction through self-organizing renewable technology of detail surfaces ware and formation of amorphous-crystalline structures of the liquid-metal emulsions under highly energy sources. Plasma-arc technology of application of generating layer of nano-thickness is used to form renovation layers in coupling and eliminatesindifference of output surfaces to activating force of modifiers; new materials using explosion energy, technology of shock-wave consolidation of sub-surface volumes.

Researches, introduced at the technology of modifying working surfaces of the units of friction of mining-metallurgical equipment and at the production of bi-metal pipes, welded by means of an explosion of thirty metal combinations. It has been developed the technology of production composite materials from emulsions and suspensions on the basis of laser micro-metallurgy; consolidation technology using explosion energy as well as new generation of plasma-arc equipment and its production.

The developments meet the requirements of actual interstate standards, implementation of technologies in developed countries: USA, China, Estonia, Russia, and implementation of the Joint International project with the company “Thermotube” (France), related with high-energy treatment of materials. The result of introduction  - annual economic effect of 54.3 million UAH.