It has beendeveloped the methods of active control for stress-deformation state of rock arrays;optimal parameters of working faces; methods to predict zones of increased gas content; techniques and means for effective consolidation of unstable rock masses; engineering solutions that ensure safe use of buildings and structures; special mobile systems for accident rescue operations that provides integrated approach to solving problems of process and environmental safety in exploitation of coal and gas fields basing on revealed mechanisms of forming and evolution of stress-deformation state of rock arrays and loosing its stability while exploitation of coal deposits and the processes of methane mass transfer in coal seams and its desorption. The described regularities of forming high gas content areasand methane moving in coal matrix have enabled to obtain a great social effect due to improvement work safety. The results of introduction of the author’s research allowed to reach economical effect in amount of 218 million UAH. Due to mining coal under the built-up territories without any damage to buildings and structures.