DEVELOPERS: prof. Gumenik I.L., senior researcher Panasenko А.I., researcher Lozhnikov О.V.
PROJECT ESSENCE: It has been developed a method for soils reclamation, which includes forming of external dump with subsequent reduction of the dump stages height, what allows to enlarge the square of renewed lands for agricultural goals. At the same time it is possible to reduce the volume of planning works and exclude pre-excavation works. 
Development and justification of formation dumps technology with joint surface
APPLICATION AREA: Mining and mechanical reclamation at the open mining of horizontal  mineral deposits.
ECONOMIC EFFECT: Implementation of this technology in condition of Konstantinovskii brown coal open mine development will allow to enlarge the renewable area of destroyed lands by 78 ha. The calculated costs for conducting restoration and reclamation works using this method of dumping forming will be shorten from 17,0 million UAH (using traditional method) to 10,7 million UAH due to reduction of the volume of works on planning dumps surface.
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