DEVELOPERS: prof. Samusia V.I., associate prof. Oksen Yu.I., engineer Komissarov Yu.А.
PROJECT ESSENCE: The additional source of low potential heat such as sewage water of mine emissions with the temperature about 30°C is used. It allows to provide production of 7,0…8,0 kW of the heat for water supply system on each 1 kW of power energy consumed by installation. Installation parameters are defined from conditions of heat water preparation during the operation time of night kilowatt-hour rate (preferential). 
The heat pump utilization of mine water flowing heat. Heat water supply installation
APPLICATION AREA: Enterprises of coal and mining industry.
ECONOMIC EFFECT: Reception of the heat water for heating, hot water supply and heating systems for air feeding trunks. Saving of fuel resources and improvement of environmental situation in region. 
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