Pivnyak G.G., Bondarenko V.I., Sadovenko I.A., Zaika V.T.,  Razvodov A.G., Shmihol A.V., Holovchanskyy I.E., Khalimendik Y.M.

Development and implementation of new technologies of the systems of development of coal seams accounting for smoothing of gradients of the field of permeability and pressure solved the problem of geological environment conservation, energy efficiency and completeness of extraction of coal reserves. Theoretical justification and practical experience of combination with technology of transfer of tectonic faults additionally got at coal mining enterprises of Western Donbass 12.5 million tons of coal.

It has been developed the modern complex of new technology level means for collection and processing of electricity supply information, which is itself the two leveled local system. The unique complex of technology solutions for saving the complexity of rock mass has been created.