Authors: Antsyferov A.V., Skipochka S.I., Yalans’kyi A.O., Palamarchuk T.A., Briukhanov O.M., Holin’ko V.I., Griadushchyi Y.B., Agafonov O.V., Usachenko V.B., Kolchyn G.I.

It has been resolved the national problem of increasing efficiency of underground geotechnical systems by creating and implementing monitoring of geomechanical condition of buildings on a long-term  operative control, technical diagnostics and complex of current and preventive measures aimed at avoiding negative situations.

Basing on scientific and technical research it have been set new patterns of deformation and fracture of high stress rock mass on which it have been registered three discoveries and developed normative and methodological documents of operational and long-term control in training and longwall of underground structures. It have been offered about 40 different ways to control geomechanical processes and systems.

Monitoring includes both determining the physical and mechanical properties of rocks with control of nearest array area state and assessment of emergency situations, forecasting and warning of gas-dynamic phenomena, rock bursts, collapsed and others. To implement monitoring it have been developed a number of instruments, novelty and originality of the circuit design of which is confirmed by 49 copy right certificates and patents. Commercially available equipment. Scientific results of the work are reflected in 4 scientific discoveries, 29 monographs and 200 articles. Technological and legal framework of monitoring is regulated by 27 public and industry regulatory and technical documents.

The novelty of the technology solutions is confirmed by 38 copyright certificates on inventions and patents. The work has large-scale introduction on coal, iron ore, potash, gypsum mines and underground facilities of various purpose of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Latvia.

The resulting economic effect makes  664 million. UAH.