It has been developed the system of adopting mining equipment to the optimal operational modes with high performance of coal mining complexes in specific mining and geological conditions, what allows to create high-performance complexes of new generation. Innovation system for estimation the efficiency of operation of shield mechanized fastening as well as the appropriate software for choosing and optimization its parameters enables to stabilize the volume of mined coal in the country at decreasing of the number of worked out areas more, than in 2 times. Proposed structures don’t have analogues neither in Ukraine, nor abroad.  

The complexes allows to achieve an increase of average daily loadings on the worked area in 1.5-2.5 times. Basing on the executed researches it has been created in introduced 159 coal mining complexes of new generation. The results of researches, introduced by the authors, allowed to achieve economic effect of 10 224.6 million UAH. It were mined 241.8 million tons of coal with new generation complexes during the period 2000-2007.