Authors: Varenik E.A., Vypanasenko S.I., Dziuban V.S., Omelchenko A.N., Savitskiy V.N., Sobolev V.V., Chernov I.Y., Shcrabets F.P.

The study is aimed at solving important for the state problems for creation and studying mussproduction of explosion protected electrical equipment complex of the new generation for production enterpeises with  explosion, fire and aggressive environment. The level of reliability of the equipment operation in conditions of high voltage (660, 1140, 6000V) has been achieved, new methods, techniques and technical solutions that allowed for the first time in the world to create powerful explosive safety power sources and systems of protection from emergency operation for networks with voltage 1140 and 6000 V. The scientific basis for creation of complex of equipment for power supply of contactless mine transport that allows radically to solve the problem of its operation security. Established scientific basis and proposed technical solutions allows to use them in other sectors of economy, especially in the chemical industry, enterprises for mining and transportation oil, gas, etc.