Authors: Vivcharenko O.V., V’yalyy K.I., Grechushkin V.V., Demchenko A.P., Kovalevska I.A., Kopylov O.P., Kuz’menko O.M., Martovyts’kyy A.V., Chervatyuk V.G., Cherednichenko Y.Y.

It has been resolved a major scientific and technical problems of energy security of Ukraine - a radical increase of the efficiency of coal mining from thin and ultrathin layers that make up more than 80% of geological reserves of Ukraine.

The researches allowed to optimize the management of mining operations due to obtaining new regularities of rock pressure dynamics in complicated fastening combinations of the clearing and preparatory worked out areas in instable layered array.

Indicators of labor efficiency and salary growth from introduction of integrated technology of the development of coal deposits meet international standards and exceed domestic by 5 times while reducing the volume of mining by 2.7 times. Proposed new innovative technologies of coal mining are ready for their comprehensive introduction into the coal industry and are already introduced in enterprises of . DTEK company, which provide more than 40% of energy coal from the national volume of production, combining the interests of the government, society and business. The overall economic effect of the research application exceeds 3 bln. UAH.