Developers: prof. Dychkovsky R.O., assoc. prof. Saik P.B., assoc. prof. Lozinsky V.G., assoc. prof. Falshtinsky V.S.


A new test installation UMV-3 has been created, which enables a comprehensive utilization of carbon-containing materials (including medical ones) in the mode of a controlled process of thermal destruction, taking into account the qualitative and quantitative composition of wastes and technological parameters of processing in a closed environmentally safe cycle.


Recycling of personal protective means and other medical products, recycling of carbon-containing wastes. Safe disposal of medical wastes is especially important in pandemic period, (particularly, during the coronavirus COVID-19).


Depending on the layout of the installation and initial material characteristics, the production capacity ranges from 40 - 50 kg / h to 1 - 1.5 t / h. This installation is compact and have small dimensions, it can be adapted for various power sources (propane, fuel oil, pulverized coal and others), it is ergonomic and high-performance.