DEVELOPERS: prof. Golinko V.I., prof. Griadushchii Yu.B. (NMU) Dr. Sci. (Tech.) Briukhanov А.М., Cand. Sci. (Tech.) Kolchin G.I. (Makeevskii Science Research Institute) Dr. Sci. (Tech.) Shchepochkin S.I., Dr. Sci. (Tech.) Yalanskii А.А., Dr. Sci. (Tech.) Palamarchuk Т.А. (IGTM of NAS of Ukraine), cor. Member of NAS of Ukraine Antsiferov А.V. (Ukrainian Science Research Institute of Ukraine); Dr. Sci. (Tech.) Аgafonov А.V. (CJSC “Donetskstal – metallurgical plant); Cand. Sci. (Tech.) Usachenko V.B. (SPE “Tekhnopolis-Ekoindustriya”)
PROJECT ESSENCE: This study proposes the federal problem solving of efficiency increasing of underground geotechnical systems through creation and implementation of the system for geomechanical state monitoring of the structures on the basis of operational and long-term monitoring, technical diagnostics and ongoing measures complex for avoiding negative situations. 
Science and technology basics, development and implementation of high-efficiency geomechanical systems of underground geotechnical systems monitoring of mines and mining camps
ADVANTAGES: About 40 control methods of different geomechanical processes and systems have been suggested. A range of devices with the novelty and originality confirmed by 49 author certificates and patents have been developed. The equipment is produced in serial. 
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