1. Proposal abstract.

The project involves the development of new modernized construction of lift installations using rubber ropes and small dimensional winches. The proposed design would save annually more than $ 6 million. subject to renewal of all lifts in Ukraine. Replacing the ropes on the exhaust lift installation increases their service life by 4-5 times and leads to reduction of annual operating costs of lift installations by reducing maintenance costs of ropes and energy savings.


2. Description of proposal.

The essence of work is to develop a new design of hoisting lift installations based on an improved drive system and the use of traction body of steel cables vulcanizedinrubber covering.They have small diameter and small bending radiuses, protected from corrosion, increase the durability of the traction bodyby4 - 5 times.The constructionincludes a compact gearlesswhinch, that has  substantially lower dimensions, than the current, and does not require additional capital costsfor construction of a technical floor in buildings under construction. The advantage of the new construction of hoisting lift installations in reducing the power consumption from10-12kWh to5-6kWh. for ordinary lifting mechanisms.


3. Innovation aspects and advantages of the proposal.

A system of continuous monitoring, which will monitor the status of the ropes during their operation and provide automatic stoppage of lift at breakage of one of the suspension cables. Reducing the bending radius of the rope provides durabilityof traction body by 4 - 5 times in comparison with traditional, and the ability to use gearless ropes having small bending radius and the traction sheave d = 125 - 150 mm.


4. Additional information (technical details).

This construction will allow to:

  • reduce annual maintenance costs of the rope by 2.4 - 3 times;
  • reduce annual energy costs – by 2times;
  • reduce annual cost of operating 1 lift installation by 2 times;
  • return on investments in modernization of equipment - 42-52%;


5. Technology key words.

Lifts, lift installations, traction mechanism, rubber-trossrope, lift construction monitoring system.


6. Market application codes.


7. Current development stage.

-  Experimental sample

-  Testing on lift installations in coal mines


8. Intellectual property rights.

Development is protected by 7 patents and other intellectual property rights.


9. Comments, date and number of the patent, if any


10. Type of required cooperation.

Financial resources for development of technical documentation for construction of a certain type of lifting mechanisms.


11. Type of the partner sought for.

Authors' team is looking for partners for development of technical documentation for construction of a new lift installations for wide applicationin industrial enterprises and public utilities. Investors for commercial application of this development profitable business project for enterprises as well as housingfund.


12. Partner’s field of activity.

Industry, public utilities, development and investment companies.


13. Challenges facing the partner.

Financial participation in the development of technical documentation for one construction type, meeting the required specifications (for certain types of houses, businesses, coal mines). Searching for the companies and residential funds wishing to apply this construction, attracting financial resources for these purposes. Играть в интерент казино Украины на деньги https://igratnadengi.com/


14. Preferred countries.

Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe and so on.


Contact information

Organization: State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”

Address: Ukraine, 49600, Dnepropetrovsk, 19 Karl Marx av.

Department: Cahir of Construction, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Tel.f .: +38 (056) 744-62-11, +38 (0562) 47-32-09

Tel .: +38 (056) 744-62-14, +38 (0562) 46-40-62