Developers: assoc. prof. Shustov A.A., prof. Pilov P.I., senior researcher Belov A.P., senior researcher Shutov V.Yu.


The technology has been developed for production of high-calorific solid fuel with improved quality indicators by increasing the energy properties of brown coal. Due to the insufficient production of gas group coal to ensure the coverage of the deficit of the energy balance of Ukraine in the past and decrease it in the future, the unsuitability of the raw brown coal properties to use it at existing heat production plants and heat-electricity production plants, the technology for processing of low-quality brown coal has been created. This technology will make it possible to obtain fuel from brown coal and carbonaceous clays, which is suitable for use in domestic energy enterprises in terms of its performance without carrying out their reconstruction.


Mining and processing industries. In particular, enterprises: PJSC DTEK DNIPROENERGO, LLC DTEK SKHIDENERGO, PJSC CENTRENERGO, etc.; heat and electricity production plants of Ukraine, utilities and household consumers.


Operating costs, taking into account the cost of raw materials for production of cleaned brown coal – about 1500 – 2000 UAH / t, which makes its price competitive compared to the black coal. Potentially, with the simultaneous operation of powerful brown coal mining enterprises, Ukraine can produce at least 15 million tons of brown coal annually, and taking into account the carbonaceous clays, much more than 20 million tons a year. The production can be more than 4.7 million ton of fuel equivalent calculated by 1 ton of fuel equivalent, which will reduce the projected shortage of gas group coal.