1. Proposal abstract.

Research is aimed at minimizing  costs during operation of  drainage  system through the optimal combination of pump units and organization the schedule of switching-on the pumps. The result is achieved through the optimal combination of pump units with different characteristics for the parallel operation onthe general collector and automated pre-peakswitching-on, optimizing the power consumption. This causes the increase of resulting cost of 1m3 of drainage water. ACS allows continuous monitoring of the technical condition of units, increasing the service life and resulting efficiency factor of drainage systems.


2. Description of proposal.

The sources of energy savings in the operation of drainage complex are::

  • monitoring of the actual technical state of each pump unit to form a list of service priorities,
  • selection a combination of pump units to minimize the specific energy consumption,
  • schedule of switching-on the pumps for minimum pumping value,
  •  automated pre-peak switching-on the pump units that minimizes resources needed to operate drainage system.


3. Innovation aspects and advantages of proposal.

Energy-efficient automated control system of drainagehas been developed.


4. Additional information (technical details).

Testing of automatic control system of drainage in mining enterprises showed that at the average water inflows of 1500 m3 / h the annual saving of electricity consumption makes 1,611 thousand. KW • h. Automated control system of drainage works on the PSP “Mine named after M.I. Stashkov” and provides cost savings of 1.75 million UAH per year.


5.Technology key-words.

Drainage, drainage automation, parallel operation of pumps, automated control system of pumping units.


6. Market application codes.


7. Current development stage.

The research is introduced on PSP “Mine named after M.I. Stashkov”. The project is executed by 100%.


8. Intellectual property rights.

Research is in the process of patent protection.


9. Comments, license number and date, if any.


10. Type of required cooperation.

Financial resources for the acquisition of equipment necessary software for commissioning and diagnostic workswhen replicating of research.


11. Type of partner soughtfor.

Authors' team is looking for a partners for the implementation of researchin the field of mining or any other production, where the pumptscan be used.


12. Partner’s field of activity.

The system is relevant for any production where parallel operation of pumps is applied.


13. Challenges facing the partner .

Financial participation in the acquisition of pumping equipment and project implementation of installation of ACS.


14. Preferred countries.

Ukraine, Europe and so on.


Contact Information

Organization: NTU Dnipro University of Technology

Address: Ukraine, 49600, Dnipro, D. Yavornytskyi av., 19

Department: Chair of electric drive

Tel. / Fax .: +38 (056) 744-62-19, +38 (0562) 46-40-62

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