1. Abstract of proposal.

The project involves the development of control systems of electrical and technical equipment and tested at one mining company. The studies have shown that the use of proposed technology during underground mining operations will reduce electricity consumption by 50-70%, use an active company’s production capacity for a maximum of 5 - 15%, reduce the capacity of underground substations on the average by120 - 150 kVA and reduce the cross-section copper conductors cables by 1-2 degrees. The downtime of production sites will be reduced by 30 - 50 hours per a year.


2. Description of proposal.

The essence of this study is to develop a modern intellectual energy efficiency control system for electricity distributional equipment at enterprises, including coal mines, and accounting for power supply potential through introduction of new energy monitoring technologies at enterprises.


3. Innovation aspects and advantages of the proposal.

The power measurement device in three-phase three wire symmetric networks was developed. The automatic device for electrical load control was developed. The method for control modes of electricity consumption at the enterprises was developed.


4. Additional information (technical details).

This technology will reduce electricity costs at the processes by 69,8% and give 4,8 – 14,6% reserve of electricity saving of the general power supply.


5. Technology key words.

Electricity supply control, electricity consumption control, load control, diagnostics of equipment state, energy accounting at the enterprise.


6. Market application codes.


7. Current stage of development.

-  The experimental model exists.

-  Had been tested at the coal mines.


8. Intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property is protected.


9. Comments, date and number of the patent, if any.

Patent of Ukraine No 74729, МPC Н02J13/00


10. Kind of desired cooperation.

Financial means for technology replication


11. Kind of the partner sought-for

Author’s team is searching for the partner to introduce this technology in production.


12. Partner’s activity field.

Electricity supply systems of the companies, including coal mines.


13. The challenges facing the partner.


14. Desired countries.

Ukraine, Europe and others.



Organization: State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”

Address: Ukraine, 49600, Dnipro, D. Yavornytskyi av., 19

Department: Chair of Electricity supply systems

Tel./fax.: +38(056)744-62-11, +38(0562)46-40-62

Tel.: +38(056)744-62-19, +38(0562)47-08-35