Designing group of mining engineering department of NTU Dnipro University of Technology, which specializes at development and implementation of friction modifier for tribological barrier negotiation. Given techniqueis to increase the equipment working resource by 3-5 times while repair works reduce at 3 and more times without equipment stops.

Composite author looks for partners to implement given technique in production.


2. Description of proposition

Self-organization technologies of renovation of resource defining details surfaces in movable couplings are developed. They provide high reliability and wearing life of mining-metallurgical equipment without pauses for repair and preventive measures by using friction modifier basing on natural material.

Structural unit dynamics on the coupling surface boundaries using modifiers shows that while using modifier the self-organization of the coupling system leads to running-in period reduction in comparison with the base, and work resource of movable coupling details increase while machines and aggregates running.


3. Innovative aspect and technological suggestions

Technology is developed and friction modifiers manufacturing using natural materials - serpentine is organized. Trade mark*

*oil lubricant “GEOM”

Technology and technical conditions of friction couplings working surfaces modifying in mining-metallurgical equipment are developed. Equipment working resource is increased by 3-5 times while repair works reduce at 3 and more times.

Technology of strengthening of important couplings of mining-metallurgical equipment is developed (forming rolls, shovel bucket teeth, wear plates, point works etc.). Operating life grew at 2..2,5 times.


4. Technological keywords

Friction modifier,Strengthening,Tribology,Rise of wear-resistance, Mining-metallurgical complex


5. Developmental stage

Current developmental stage:

  • Already at the market
  • Business plan obtains

Incorporeal rights:

- Protected with patent of Ukraine № 56546. Declarant and patentee – NTU Dnipro University of Technology.


6. Field of application

The given technology can be used:

At mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine and at other machine-building fields.


7. Cooperation

Joint enterprise association

Financial resources


8. Contact information

Organization: State academy National mining university”

Address: Ukraine, 49600, Dnipro, Dmytro Yavornytskyi av., 19

Department: Chair of mechanical engineering and materials science technologies

Phone: (0562)47-14-43

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.