1. Annotation to proposal.

The design group of the Chair of Underground Development of Deposits and Mineral Enrichment of the NTU Dnipro University of Technology, specializing on development and introduction of installations of the fuel cold agglomeration, implements adhesively chemical technology of production solid organic fuel. This technology will provide additional fuel sources from products and wastes of the coal, wood-processing and agriculture industry (such as brown coal, peat, lignite, black coal sludge and their combinations, sawdust, husks of seeds, finely dispersed plywood).


2. Description of proposal.

The essence of developed technology of cold material agglomeration is that the components of original raw mixture (stock), if necessary with the additives promoting physical and mechanical properties (slaked lime, water glass, Portland cement, plaster gypsum), are able to be mixed and destructurized in full with installation HOT 31M, causing appearing of plastic dough-like mass with increased adhesive capacity. The die of installation generates the final solid organic fuel.


3. Innovative aspects and advantages of proposal.

The technology of adhesively chemical agglomeration of the solid fuel has been developed.

Trade mark

It had been developed the technology and technical regulations for production of organic fuels. The technology (contains “know-how”) is based on adhesively chemical processes of interaction the particles of composite fuel, which is formed into briquettes my means of the author's installation HOT 31M. Agglomerated cylindrical fuel rods with specific shape obtained in the process of pressing (under the pressure of 1.2 - 2.0 MPa).

Fuel, even when using high-ash black coal sludges has a calorific value not less than 3500 kcal / kg and when agglomeration of low-ash coal it can reach 4500 kcal / kg, and when agglomeration of anthracite sludges and duffs – up to 6000 kcal / kg.

Application of organic fuel received with the help of installation HОТ-31М:

  • - heating of premises by domestic furnaces;
  • - combustion in local boilers;
  • - using in drying furnaces;
  • - heating of railroad trains;
  • - heating of greenhouses and greeneries;
  • - combustion in smith bugles;
  • - using in heat power stations.


4. Additional information (technical details).


5. Technology keywords.

Agglomeration, Organic fuel, Adhesive chemical technology, Installation for obtaining solid fuel, Coal sludge and culm, Brown coal, Peat.


6. Market application codes.


7. Current stage of development.

-  It is already exist on the market

-  The business-plan exists


8. Intellectual property rights.


9. Comments, date and number of the patent, if any.

It had been defended by the patent of Ukraine № 38747, 65923 А, 68251 А, 73705 А, 79520, 79711. The applicator and patent holder is the NTU Dnipro University of Technology


10.  Type of required partnership.

Financial resources


11. Type of the partner sought-for.

The author’s team searches for the partner to introduce this technology in production.


12. Partner's field of activity.

Fuel-energy complex


13. Tasks facing the partner.

Provision of detailed technical specification for obtaining the organic fuel with necessary physical and mechanical characteristics. 


14. Prefered countries.

Ukraine, Poland and others.

Contact details

ž     Organization: NTU Dnipro University of Technology

ž     Address: Ukraine, 49600, Dnipro city, D. Yavornytskyi av., 19

ž     Department: Chair of mining engineering and education

ž     Phone: (056)744-62-11, (056)744-62-14, (0562)47-32-09, (0562)47-14-72

ž     E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ž     http://www.nmu.org.ua