1. Abstract of proposition.

The design team of the department of construction, geotechnics and geomechanics of NTU Dnipro University of Technology specializes in improving the efficiency of safety of mining operations with the aid of forecast hidden geological faults and gas-dynamic phenomena during mining the coal seams. Standard equipment APSS and developed methodology provide a high economic effect at increasing the probability of recognition zones the coal-rock-massive which contains faulting and threatens sudden bump of coal and gas.


2. Description of proposition.

An effective method for predicting a danger gas-dynamic phenomenon in coal mines without changes in the existing technology of coal mining is developed. Equipment in the comfortable and simple form shows in real time the current level of safety in the working and notifies in advance about sudden bump of coal and gas. In the proposition it is realized a normative method of the acoustic system of forecast sudden bump, which is notable for highly accuracy of forecast compared with existing analogues. Using the same equipment and designed software product man can implement the forecast of not identified on the exploration stage the disturbances in coal seams.


3. Innovative aspects and advantages of the offer.

The developed equipment is notable for high accuracy of forecast compared with existing analogues.


4. Additional information (technical details).


5. Technological keywords.

Acoustic forecast, gasdynamic phenomena, coal seams, sudden bump, hidden faulting.


6. Use of market codes.


7. Current stage of development.

We have experimental sample of the forecast equipment and beta version of appropriate software with access to the stage of industrial tests (recommendation of the Central commission on combating with the sudden bump of coal and gas).


8. Intellectual property rights.

NTU Dnipro University of Technology


9. Comments, license number and date, if any.

It is protected by the Ukrainian patent for useful model 41261 and Ukrainian patent for invention № 27563 and № 43239A. Applicant and patentee is NTU Dnipro University of Technology.


10. Type of collaboration sought.

The joint venture agreement.

The financial resources.


11. Type of partner sought.

The team of authors is seeking partners to introduction of this technology into production.


12. The partner area of activity.

Mining and metallurgical complex.


13. The challenges facing the partner.

Creating a prototype.


14. Preferred countries.

Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, China, etc.

Contact Information

Organization: NTU Dnipro University of Technology

Address: Ukraine, 49600, Dnipro city, D. Yavornytskyi av., 19

Department: Department of construction, geotechnics and geomechanics

Telephone: (0562) 47-13-7

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