DEVELOPERS: prof. Chernai А.V. (NMU), prof. Soboliev V.V. (NMU), prof. Iliushin M.А. (St. Petersburg University of Technology, Russia)
PROJECT ESSENCE: The method of initiation of explosive compounds by impulse laser radiation basing on highly sensitive complex and ordinary salts was developed. Created explosive mixtures (EM) are sensitive, sensitivity of which is by 1.5-2 extent exceeds the capacity of lead azide to undermine.
Experimental setup scheme 
1 - explosion chamber; 2 - energy meter; 3 - power meter; 4 – optical maser
APPLICATION AREA: Mining, engineering 
ECONOMICAL AND SOCIAL EFFECT: The laser system for initiating explosive charges is safe to use and provides precision of explosive processes. Physical potential of the laser system exceeds the capacity of any desired known explosives initiation systems.