DEVELOPERS: academic of National Science Academy of Ukraine, Pivniak G.ГG, prof. Rybalko А.YA., prof. Rogoza М.V., associate prof.  Dolgov B.G., associate prof.  Dovgan V.P., associate prof. Zrazhevsii YU. M., junior researcher Koltsov I.B. 
PROJECT ESSENCE: The system of electric power supply of electric locomotives of B 14-900 type, transporting trains with minerals, rock, materials and workers in mines has been improved. Contactless induction of transmission of high frequency electromagnetic energy (from the traction network to electric locomotive) and the energy stored in a special module (electromechanical inertial energy storage device) allows to make the system dust - and gas-saved. 
The system of combined electric power supply of contactless electric locomotivesThe system of combined electric power supply of contactless electric locomotives
APPLICATION AREA: The experimental sample V10 and V10B are successfully tested at the mine “Postnikovaya” JSC “Shahtarskantratsit”. The research sample V14 passed industrial testing and research operation at the mine "Named after Lenin" JSC" Voroshilovgradugol". Research batch B14 was implemented at the mine “Named after Gazeta  Izvestia” of the SHC “ Donbasantratsit”. 
Indicator В14-900 Analog of 2хАМ8Д
Energy consumption, kW*h/(thousands km) 0,525 2х0,3
The number of electric locomotives on the route (3 km) 2 3
Productivity, thousands km/month 53460 32076

The increase in transportation distances, km

1 -


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