DEVELOPERS: prof. Baranov P.M., prof. Ruzina М.V., associate prof. Khomenko Yu.Т., associate prof. Shevchenko S.V., associate prof. Khomenko О.Ye., associate prof. Kononenko М.V., assistant Slivnaya О.V., researcher Tsotsko L.I., engineer Netecha М.V., post-graduate student Matiushkina О.P. 
PROJECT ESSENCE: The ingenious method of estimating semiprecious deposits of raw materials (SPR) has been created, providing the development of projects for its mining and processing. The components of processing projects are the technology of production decorative art (branded) products, as well as technological (design) solutions for each type of raw material.
Economic evaluation of mineral objects containing semiprecious rawEconomic evaluation of mineral objects containing semiprecious raw
APPLICATION AREA: Homology assessment can be performed on the worked out mineral deposits, operating deposits, deposits (forms) of prospecting and assessment works etc.
ECONOMIC INDICATORS: Using this method can increase the cost of the mineral raw material of the deposit, wherein the profitability exceeds 50%. Payback period is about 1 year (depending on the deposit type).
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