DEVELOPERS: prof. S. E. Blohin, associate prof. D. L. Kolosov (NMU), engineer M. M. Shydo (JSC “Krivbaszhalizrudkom”)
PROJECT ESSENCE: The development of new construction of lift elevator installations based on an improved drive system, using pulling unit of steel cables, vulcanized into a rubber cover. It has been proposed new flat rubber-rope cables, cables reinforced with small diameter ropes, having small bending radiuses and protected from corrosion. It has been developed a compact gearless hoist for rubber- rope cables with a small binding radius and the traction sheave d = 125-150mm.
Elevator installations of new generationElevator installations of new generation
Elevator installations of new generation
APPLICATION AREA: Replacement of lift installations with steel cables of the previous generation, especially those who have worked out their lifetime.
ECONOMIC INDICATORS: The expected economic effect when updating the elevator facilities and replacement of used cables on the worked out lift installations will give an annual economy of more than 35 - 40 million USD. With the further replacement of all elevator park in Ukraine by the rubber-rope cables the annual economy will make more than 165 - 200 million USD.
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