DEVELOPERS: the members of the department of Electric drive, Automobiles and Automobile Economy, Power Supply Systems, Machinery Design bases.
PROJECT ESSENCE: The following components are installed on a vehicle with internal combustion engine: the additional accumulator for energy cumulating, the electric drive and a control system of combined work of an internal combustion engine and electric equipment. Depending on chosen  scheme of hybrid drive it is provided the mechanical connection of internal combustion engine with electric accumulator or the additional generator is used that is connected with the accumulator and the driving electric motor.
Hybridization of vehicles with internal combustion enginesHybridization of vehicles with internal combustion engines
APPLICATION AREA: Automobiles and cargo transport with internal combustion drive.
Allows to reduce fuel consumption by 20% and significantly reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
Power of the internal combustion engine: 50 - 120 kW;
Motor power: 10 -25kW;
Fuel consumption per 100 km: 5.5-8 liters.
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