DEVELOPERS: Prof. Sadovenko О.I., Prof. Rudakov D.V., associate prof. Zagritsenko А.М., engineer Tishkov V.V.
PROJECT ESENCE: The covering layer of waste-rock in the process of reclamation serves as a process activator of humus formation with oppression of activity of sulfates, iron and aluminum by hashing of the top layer of rock with carbonate loam and with precipitations of household and industrial outflows. At the same time an interaction of an artificial fertile layer of various structure with underground and atmospheric waters, and also the agrochemical potential of various components is considered.
Agrochemical technology for rehabilitation of waste-rock and reclamation of processed surface
APPLICATION AREA: Mining companies, where the system of mining coal deposits provides the storing on the surface of 30-60% from the total volume of mined rock.
  • Solution of the rocks dumping problem
  • Decrease in emissions of poisonous gases and pollution of ground waters 
  • Use of reclaimed areas for agricultural purpose
  • Rational use and utilization accompanying nitrogen and phosphorus-containing industrial wastes and sewage
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